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How youth can build more successful lives

We help children achieve their best

New hope for children who have dropped out or are struggling in school. Our programmes build on strengths to help teens experience success and thrive within a highly supportive community environment. While current statistics show that 20 per cent of teens do not complete high school, we are able to demonstrate completion rates of 80 per cent and above for teens who would otherwise fall between the cracks.

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Learning Centres

Our learning centres allow children to gain fresh experiences, motivation and skills they need to build their talents, grow in healthier directions, and shed negative behaviours.

Case for Support

Twenty percent of children in BC do not complete school. A high school diploma is crucial for personal and life success. Discover how together we can help thousands of children.

Centre of Excellence

A Centre of Excellence will help us achieve the goal of reaching and teaching more children throughout British Columbia and beyond. Failure should not be an option for children.


Read true stories from kids who have experienced our programmes and grown stronger and more successful in their own lives.